5 thoughts on “My Generation : the Zimmers”

  1. *roffle*

    Isn’t it odd how the blokes seem really miserable compared to the women though? The silly dancing ones at the back remind me of Mumsy’s crew! 😀

  2. Wowza! The late Aged P would have been one like of the old ducks boogying at the back. She only stopped dancing at 82 when her balance went a bit wonky – and I don’t mean a gentle waltz or foxtrot, she’d be off doing her own thing on the dancefloor as none of the old blokes could keep up with her…
    I often muse that, when my nephew and niece have me shut up in Shady Pines or similar, I shall spit in the eye of anyone who wants me to sing along with bloody Vera Bloody Lynn, and demand some Led Zep and Motorhead on the PA system.

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