The Lady in the Van

Waiting for The Lady in the Van

We are very fortunate here to have the Hull Truck theatre, and last night we sallied forth to watch a performance of Alan Bennett’s The Lady in the Van.

We have a number of Mr Bennett’s works on the shelve, and have seen many more, but this one has passed me by in its stage manifestation; we do have the written version, however, and I’ve read it many times.

It was just wonderful – gorgeous set, stellar performance from Nichola McAuliffe as the eponymous lady, and the interesting construct of having two Alan Bennetts, discussing what they? he? wanted from his interaction with her.

Should this production come your way, I do recommend it most highly.

To the theatre

I’m on the mailing lists for the two local theatres, and last week an e-mail dropped into my box from Hull New Theatre, informing me that they were staging the Blues Brothers Party, and offering me a code to see it for a tenner. I conferred with Pete, and he said “Lets”.

So I booked it, causing a little low dudgeon from Pete as I’d entirely forgotten that it was his Flickr group meeting. We dragged ourselves out last night, getting the bus (the bus!) into town – too miserable to cycle, and we didn’t want to take the car. Planned to eat a quick supper at Level, but they were shut – a tad inconsiderate, we thought; so we went to May Sum, the AllYouCanEat Chinese buffet. It has the advantage of being quick – standard Chinky fare, really, but all ready, and £9.50 a head.

Then we poddled off to the theatre – first time I’ve been to that one. And readers, if you like the Blues Brothers, and you get a chance, go see this – it was great. I actually danced. Yes, really, and no drink taken. Huge fun, and an excellent 7-piece band; Blues Bros songs and a lot from The Commitments, which we have vowed to watch again over the weekend.

It ended about 9.45, so we wandered off to the Blue Belle, and found a number of Flickrites ensconced by a rather nice open fire. We consumed a couple of pints of beer, and then were very kindly given a lift to the top of the road by Brian and Lesley, thus saving us a return bus journey – good job we’d bought single tickets.

A mid-week Out – who’d have thought it? And I have managed to avoid the result of last night’s Apprentice all day. NO! – DON’T TELL ME!