2005 in meme

floating around LJ – take the first sentence of the first posting of each month, and bung it in a list …

  1. it’s the December 1, so time to break out the default icon for the time of year.
  2. in between getting the new G5* ready for work on Monday, and getting the old G4 ready to go to [info]agc tomorrow, we nipped (or popped, ifyou prefer) to Costco to get a few bits and pieces, then over to Waitrose for a few more bits and pieces.
  3. the more I read about the appalling situation in New Orleans, the more depressed I become. This article from The Guardian gives some background into the lack of funding, and what seems to be deliberate and reckless disregard for the views of experts in the field.
  4. "Alleged bomb plotter claims two and a half years of interrogation under US and UK supervision in ‘ghost prisons’ abroad."
  5. Steve Bell’s cartoon in the Guardian today.
  6. we had nice plans for the weekend, including going to a hawking display at Tintern Abbey on the Sunday – it was our sixth wedding anniversary, and that seemed like a nice thing to do to celebrate the day.
  7. please, please – go and cast your vote today. If you don’t, then you have no right to complain about what we get.
  8. seen on [info]landsmand‘s journal,

    Who Should You Vote For?

  9. right – as our ISP / co-lo provider appears to have died for the time being, and I’m bereft of most of the IRC channels I frequent, I have installed an MSN client [shudder].
  10. I’m sad to read that Ivan Noble has died.
  11. If you would not have met your significant other/spouse etc without the internet, post this sentence in your journal.