7th day in the house 27 Nov 09

Not terribly productive – we really are hampered by the lack of a study, meaning that the boxes that should be unpacked into there and still all over the house. Still, carpet fitter on Monday then we can Get On,

Yesterday, we:

  • Nipped (or popped) out in the morning – to the (not very good) home brew shop in East Hull, to stock up on winemaking kits. I prefer to make it from scratch, but don’t have time, so I’ll set some of these going today. Also into Asda for turkey mince for the prodigal Iggy, and the next door Matalan for a beak, where we picked up a terracotta salt pig, a pair of boots for me, and a washing up bowl, for the princely sum of £25,
  • On to Wickes, to get the paint for the living room,so that I can start cleaning and filling the walls bit by bit, and then Pete can put up the shelves. We grabbed lunch from the van outside the store – a bacon, egg and mushroom breadcake (as they call them here) for me, and a sausage and bacon one for Pete; a fiver for the pair.
  • We finally found the missing shelf for the kitchen bookcase which is currently pressed into service as an emergency spice rack, so I finished (almost) emptying the kitchen boxes and reorganising the cupboards – only three more boxes to go, and I know exactly what’s in them, and where the contents will live
  • Went over to Newlands Avenue with a box for the charity shop, which was delivered to the Red Cross, as they were the first one we encountered, and it was raining. Also dived into Tony’s Textiles for a lined curtain for the bathroom – it’s really cold in there, and it has a huge, bare window. Picked up a cheap curtain rail, a pair of curtains and a tieback for £18. One curtain was plenty, so I’ll whizz back there this morning and get another rail and tieback, and the second one will do well in the study. Tonys is a great shop – we got the bedroom curtains in there from the reduced box – 20 quid to do the two big windows in the bedroom, to replace the vile and filthy things (which don’t even open) that Gavin put up. Must get the rails fitted – the curtains are all hooked ready.
  • Put up the bathroom rail and curtain; looks a lot nicer, and seems to be warmer in there
  • Freegled some more boxes
  • Did the quote for a client, and Pete also spent some time trying to work out why something which has been working perfectly for a year for another client has suddenly stopped working.
  • Had a kebab for supper – mixed kebab and portion of chips to share, £10.25 delivered to the door. And very nice it was too. I was looking forward to settling down to Gavin and Stacey, but the Tivo had failed to record it. This turns out to be because I failed to ask it too, so that’s a fail on my part.
  • Fell asleep at 9 p.m. again – my body clock seems to be currently set 5.30 a.m. to 9, which is not ideal.

And now it’s almost 8, and I must get going. Later, peeps.

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  1. We are great supporters of Scope, purely and completely because their charity shop is the nearest to our front door. I sometimes feel a little bit guilty for the British Heart Foundation, only 50 yards further down the high street. But not very.

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