a day out in Hull


Yesterday it was Hull Carnival – a parade, some street stalls, etc. The weather was nice, so we set off early (for us) into the city to have a look at the festivities.

There were stalls in Queen Victoria Square, Jameson Street and in Queens Gardens (where there were baby moorchicks on the pond). Majorettes and Boys Brigade and Army cadets and cyclists and folk in costume and police on bicycles, to mention just a few, all took place in the parade – lots of people who have worked *incredibly* hard for this one half hour in the year; hats off to them all.  It was lovely to watch, and you can see a set of photos here, should you be interested.

After that, we sat in Queens Gardens and ate a small picnic that we brought with us (eating out is very fraught if you’re trying to manage your diet, and it’s expensive too), then a mooch round the shops, something we hardly ever do.

Went into Primark and bought a pair of red skinny jeans in a size 14.  Yes, that’s what I said. I knew I wouldn’t fit into them, but they were so lovely I bought them anyway, on the assumption that I *have* to keep losing weight, so no doubt they’d fit in time. They do fit. They do up. I can breathe in them and sit down in them. Gosh. We also managed to purchase a pair of smart(ish) trousers for Pete, as we have A Wedding to attend shortly, and he had nothing suitable.

Then we went and had a look at the Maritime Museum, which is in the old Dock Offices, where they did themselves very proud indeed – lovely building, with very fancy plasterwork.

Then we walked home again (I reckon we did about 6.5 miles in all), via Tescos (sorry) for some bits and pieces, and some strawberries and cream, Indian food out of the freezer, Dr Who and slumping.  A nice day out.