a fun morning was had by the Jordans

perlmonger‘s eye is worse than it was, and a routine optician’s appointment this morning found us hurtling back to the Eye Hospital as an emergency.

more on his LJ here.

in other news, our next door neighbours are jackhammering their concrete path; I’m going out somewhere – anywhere – for the afternoon

One thought on “a fun morning was had by the Jordans”

  1. Oh the poor thing! I suffer from optical neuritis every so often, it is an MS thing but it can also be due to stress/fatigue. Basically the optic nerve gets inflamed, thus the signals can’t travel along it properly hence the deteriorating vision. The best treatment for it is a short dose of high strength steroids. I get a 7 day dose each time I get an attack. My vision usually goes back to normal after about 3 weeks. Might get a bit blurry from time to time if I get over tired or upset.

    I hope he feels a lot better soon!

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