a phrase to strike terror into the heart

as just read in a CIX conf, and posted for the benefit of thunderbox

Heard on a Late Junction from a few weeks ago

“Experimental Accordionist”

4 thoughts on “a phrase to strike terror into the heart”

  1. Don’t knock it 😉

    I have a couple of stunning melodeon-based albums by a guy called Riccardo Tesi. He does all kinds of world music, traditional Italian folk tunes, and jazz on the melodeon, but specialises in jazz/tarantella crossovers! I saw him at a free jazz festival in Nice about 6 years ago and his music is just fantastically compelling – you cannot feel grumpy listening to it. This man’s squeezbox rocks – he makes noises out of the thing that are just amazing.

      1. HMHB have used some great phrases in their songs….

        “Let’s play the bongo-laced twenty-second album”….

        “Fifteen minutes of mantra-filled oompah”…

        etc. etc.

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