a rude awakening

I had a bit of an insomniac night – between 3 and 4 a.m. is my bad time. So when the doorbell rang at 7:45, I was asleep; dreaming of having to make boeuf stroganoff for captainblue, while my mother was hanging the laundry of bed linen on the line. Lets not go there, eh?

anyway, I digress.. The postie had two packages – one addressed to perlmonger, and unbranded, and an Amazon one. I bore them upstairs, with an accusing “been buying books again, have you?”. Because I’ve never been guilty of that, oh no.

he looked genuinely confused, which is of course his normal expression, and started to open the unbranded box. I took the Amazon one and found it was addressed to me! It turned out to be a book that marypcb recommended a few weeks ago, and I’d put it on my Amazon wish list. From whence it was despatched, by a CIX user who has signed up for the food site I’m writing – I was really touched. And now I’ll be able to write a decent UI as well. What was it? O’Reilly’s Designing Interfaces by Jennifer Tidwell. Such a kind thought.

perlmonger was still struggling with his parcel, but as he was barely awake, didn’t have his glasses on, and had cut his fingernails yesterday, he had to go and get his mini Leatherman. And it turned out to be the 5 CD set of “The Life and Music of Richard Thompson”. Which I ordered using his Switch card.

so he’s off the hook, for now. And I have much ripping to do.

7 thoughts on “a rude awakening”

  1. > O’Reilly’s Designing Interfaces by Jennifer Tidwell

    I got the press release for this. I assume Jennifer is related to Doug Tidwell who is a nice chap.

  2. It’s actually a six-CD set. Make sure you write in to Free Reed for the freebie — it’s well worth it. Those of us who had the foresight to pre-order the box set directly from Free Reed got the 6th CD in the box; others have to write in.

    1. [blink]
      where did you spring from?!

      it looks very interesting – I write content management web sites for a living, and I’m aware that our user interface isn’t all it might be. So I have high hopes that your book will sort me out.

      it’s very strange to see an ORA book with a coloured in cover …

      1. where did you spring from?!

        No blog is safe from the probing eyes of Technorati. 🙂

        it’s very strange to see an ORA book with a coloured in cover …

        Tell me about it. Especially when the inside has a format that’s different from most animal books — the pattern format didn’t quite fit their usual template. BTW, there’s at least one other color animal book, “Ambient Findability.” Don’t know if O’Reilly’s going to make a habit out of it, though.

        Anyway, thanks for the mention! I’d love to hear whether you find the book helpful.

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