a televisual feast

we have today, at long last, had The Aerial Chap round. Our ancient coat hanger on the roof got a lousy signal, and we had Telewest Digital boxen upstairs and down.

with the arrival of E4 on Freeview, we vowed to do something about it, if it could be done. And it could. Yon chap has erected [fnaar] a spanking new digital aerial, put in an amplifier and four feeds, plugged in the Freeview box*, tuned the TVs and videos, and left with 160 of your earth pounds, which seems like a bargain.

particularly when one considers that we were paying bloody Telewest *£48.50* per month for a service that we hardly use, so it will be paid for in pretty short order.

tomorrow, we will have the joy of trying to make it work with the Tivo. Oh good …

and there’s a feed into the study, and this nice new monitor does Picture in Picture, so I’d better go and get another Freeview box tomorrow.

* the box that came free with the television when we bought it about four years ago; never even opened the box, and it worked first time. *And* it has a top up slot should we want it.

5 thoughts on “a televisual feast”

        1. ah. well. um (shuffles feet). In a mad fit last night, we ordered an Elgato EyeTV 400 firewire thingummy from eBay last night …

          which looks very cool indeed. And means we can get rid of the study television and hi-fi, as this thing will play through the Mac, onto my “spare” monitor (which is being wall mounted today), has a Freeview decoder built in, and records to HD.

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