a trip to Withernsea

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We promised ourselves a walk on the beach this morning, so once Johnny Goose had been en-ovened, we took ourselves off to Withernsea. Hull was relatively mild, compared to last week, but as we got further towards the coast, the temperature dropped, there was snow laying on the fields, and black ice on the roads.

As is often the way with our personal $deity, the tide was just turning when we got there, and the steps down to the beach were very icy, so we just slipped and slid our way along the promenade. A beautiful winter morning – sunshine, brisk breeze, gorgeous clear blue sky … it’s so nice to be back on the East coast. We shall do more exploring this week, in between visitors (who are all most welcome!)

Goose is in the oven, stuffing balls are cooked, pigs in blankets are cooking, veg done, sausage rolls made for tea, bottle of champagne on the go. Life is good.

Have a great Christmas, one and all.