A visit to the Guildhall

We ventured forth last night to see Shami Chakrabati (director of Liberty) give the Wilberforce Lecture at the Guildhall.  Like most councils, the good burghers of Kingston-upon-Hull do not stint themselves; the walk through the Guildhall to the banqueting suite, where the lecture was given, was set about with statues, carved panels, paintings, etc, and involved marble floors and staircases and the like. The banqueting suite chairs, both armchairs and dining varieties, are all embossed with the City’s logo.  I remarked to @perlmonger that we should enquire as to whether this was on the candidates’ manifestoes – "logo’d chairs for councillors!".

When she arrived on the platform, she was accompanied by a chap who looked remarkably like the Home Secretary.  This turned out to be because he *was* the Home Secretary – Alan Johnson is a local MP, and had been rounded up to give Shami the Wilberforce Medal, in recognition of Liberty’s 75th anniversary.  Her speech was excellent, but the question and answer session that follows was far more interesting – now there’s somebody I’d like to have at the dinner table.  Mr Johnson looked quite discomfited from time to time, as well he might.

An excellent evening.

We walked down and back – a round trip of about 3.5 miles, I’d reckon – and despite our best efforts, we had failed to eat before we left at 6, so we stopped at a Chinese buffet place, which did all you can eat for £9.80.  Perfectly good Chinky fud, with the advantage that it is all cooked ready, so you can be in and out swiftly.  We shall use it again.

Today, I am getting my hair cut (hurrah!, except that i hate training new hairdressers), and have clients coming to visit this afternoon.  And then it’s the weekend.  Plans depend on the weather, but will hopefully involve some more East Riding Exploring on Sundya.

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