14 thoughts on “aaaargh”

  1. There was a FedEx go past our place earlier on (I was looking in vain for a Leopard delivery).

    If it comes back again, do you want me to stop it and hijack the driver? 🙂

    Seriously though – that sucks. I’m sure I can’t imagine the inconvenience this will cause. I hate it when other people screw up a simple task and it buggers-up all my plans.

    1. and I were supposed to be in Ireland this weekend – we’d have been just getting off the plane now. All because of their incompetence.

      I could weep.

          1. Well possibly, but you’ve already incurred costs from their inability to do their job and a large company like that *must* be insured for loss. My husband has to be.

            I assume you use your server professionally, and you’ve now been without it for some considerable time owing to their…….. well, what can we call it…unprofessionalism?

  2. I don’t think an ‘Ooops’ adequately covers this, does it…

    What a shite situation. How the buggering bollocks did they manage to lose a fileserver? I mean, really?

    Oh well, that’s what insewerance is for. And big insewerance companies have big lawyers who just love this sort of thing…

    It does make a train ticket to London and a taxi fare to the hosting centre look quite good value in hindsight…

  3. Following this saga (which totally sucks) I’ve been wondering whether there might be a market for someone (er, like me) to offer an ad hoc service to people who have colo servers in London but are based elsewhere, given that rarely imho do the colo staff do a good job (or at an acceptable price/performance).

    Here’s hoping it gets rediscovered soon …

    1. Quite possibly – although we are moving our servers out of Telecity soon, as they are too expensive. They’ll be going to Huntingdon, where our ISP can fettle them.

    2. sorry – hit Post too soon.

      I’m sure there would be a market, but it’s finding it that’s difficult, as always. And gaining access there, at least, is not easy.

      The co-lo staff rebooted someone else’s box last weekend, thinking it was ours. Oops.

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