alas, poor blackbird

the mighty hunter

Mustrum came in through the study window this evening with a blackbird in his jaws. It was, sadly, deceased.

It’s very unusual for him to catch anything, or at least to bring it home – he’s quite indolent, really. Although he has been a little bit out of sorts for a week or so, to the point where we were discussing a visit to Vim the Vet, just in case, so perhaps he is proving that he’s actually fine.

I do hope it’s not the Mr Blackbird from the Mr and Mrs Blackbird who have been around the front gardens for literally years, building their nest in one of next door’s shrubs. They seem to be a devoted couple, so that would be very sad./

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9 thoughts on “alas, poor blackbird”

        1. They are fabulous cats – we have lived with five in total. We still have two. I’d hate to be without one, although our income doesn’t really stretch to pedigree cats these days 🙂

          (I never dare add up what we have spent on cats over the years, it’d frighten me to death 🙂

          1. I hear very good things about them, and they’re so beautiful! Mind you, I’m sort of torn; if I ever do get a cat, part of me thinks I ought to adopt one from a shelter, partly for ethical reasons and partly because it seems daft to spend vast amounts on a pedigree. On the other hand, I really have fallen for Bengals, and getting one from a good breeder ensures you’re getting a healthy cat and so on.
            For the moment, I avoid this dilemma by not being grown-up enough for pets. 🙂

          2. When we tried to adopt a pair of kittens from a shelter a few weeks ago, they wouldn’t talk to us because we don’t have a cat flap. I was furious, but they wouldn’t budge.

            It’s a dilemma, for sure.

  1. Sadly it’s what they do, isn’t it?

    I was very upset when Bramble killed a couple of blue-tits and again when he started bringing in tiny bats, but fortunately he doesn’t seem to have caught anything larger than a butterfly for 18 months or so.

    Phoebe catches any mice daring enough to enter our home, but has never caught a bird as far as I know.

    Poor little klutz-cat Morgan has to make do with moths.

  2. His beak doesn’t look too yellow, so he might be an immature. I would have thought any birds successfully nesting within claw reach of your lot would be canny to cats by now…

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