an afternoon in the kitchen

Liliphant being helpful
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1.5kg chicken thighs turned into lemony chicken with coriander, and chicken tagine with apricot and chickpeas.

All the old veg chopped up and made into soup for next week, with the stock from the gammon cooked in ginger beer (which worked really well).

All helped by Lily sitting on the recipe sheet. But she did do it beautifully …

3 thoughts on “an afternoon in the kitchen”

  1. Lily is indeed beautiful; I can tell, as indeed I think can she.

    Today, Minnow and Smudge are helping me study, taking it in turns to sit on my work. Not surprisingly, work is not going well, but my desk has been elegantly graced all day.

    Chia has helped me with boning a chicken (raw chicken is apparently really, really good) and has helped us watch Simon Schama’s programme this evening, moving from lap to lap, in between staring intently at his Schamaness, whom she clearly likes a lot. All of which is very welcome, given the condition she’s currently in (skinnier than the average rake, but still as alert as ever … I despair, but she’s happy and educated, and I am going out for raw chicken tomorrow).

    1. Yes, she’s remarkably beautiful, and does indeed know it. But then we do tell her quite often. Her behaviour has changed completely since we lost Bada – all very odd.

      What do you think of the Schama thing? We are watching it, but with teeth clenched – the visuals are dreadful, and he has an appalling attack of adjectivitis.

      Pleased to hear that Chia is doing so well – they confound us, really.

      1. I have mixed feelings about the Schama thing. I like the argument he is constructing (and I tend to forgive him his adjectives because I am a bit of a fan generally) but the visuals are driving me nuts. I am remembering why I stopped watching tv. I shouldn’t be wondering every two minutes whether the tv has gone wrong or whether I need another trip to the optician for new glasses.

        And yet there are moments that really get me … like the cross-cutting of Salazar getting ready for the reception with the parachutists having their equipment checked, before jumping. I liked that. And PK and I liked Gettysburg, but that’s because we’ve been there and knew where he was.

        However, generally, how many moody visuals of Schama staring at things does one actually need? Answer: far fewer than they used, really.

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