and so it ends

We finally finished Babylon 5 on Friday night. I loved it, although I found Series 5 a bit disappointing, and the last two episodes positively mawkish.

I shall watch it again next year, to pick up all the bits I missed.

3 thoughts on “and so it ends”

  1. Glad you like it. I assume the local Nerd Patrol has explained the reasons why S04 and S05 were the confused rushed-then-stretched mess they ended up as.

    Didn’t G’Kar and Londo develop into wonderful tragic figures? And Vir too. The scene that stays with me is that of G’Kar and Londo in the bar, when he poured Londo’s offered drink back into the bottle.

    Andreas Katsulas did more acting with this voice and his eyes (all of the rest of him covered in salamander skin) in the whole five seasons than any other TV actor I’ve seen.

    1. Oh yes – I was lectured^H^H well educated in the ways and means of how it came about.

      Those two characters were wonderful; I think my favourite though was Lennier.

      We still have Crusade and the movies to get through, but I decided to take a break for a bit.

    2. I think Lennier is the tragic character. Having finally realised his love will always be unrequited and going down the French Foreign Legion route he then screws that up with a desperate attempt to eliminate his rival. He then takes the only route short of death, exile.

      G’Kar & Londo were wonderful, at war with each other but by dint of their choices to help the races ending up in the same state. And yes, Katsulas was superb, and got all the best speeches.

      Vir is the one I think closest to us all. Dragged along, caught up the stream, powerless to avoid the upheaval of the changes around him even when he understood some of the reasons and could see solutions.

      No Boom today. Boom tomorrow, always Boom tomorrow.

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