apricot and blueberry upside down cake

We had some apricots going wrinkly, and some blueberries that needed using up. I halved the apricots and removed the stones, then put them and the blueberries in a shallow pan with a little water, some honey, and a good pinch of ginger. Simmered them gently for about five minutes.

I beat 125g of butter, 200g of granulated sugar and a slosh of vanilla essence until light and fluffy, then added 40g ground almonds, 125ml of yogurt, 125ml of milk and two eggs, and beat again. Then folded in 150g plain flour and a teaspoon of baking powder (I never use self raising).

I put the fruit in the bottom of an 8" silicone sponge pan, and poured the cake batter on top. Cooked at gas 4/180˚C for about 45 minutes.

This would work well with any soft fruit, I think – it certainly worked very well with blueberries and apricots!

originally posted at Reactive Cooking