beef fried rice

using up: the last of the beef rib, a couple of very dried up flat mushrooms

We love egg fried rice, but are rarely organised enough to have cold cooked rice available. However, last night we did a double lot to accompany our south indian cabbage (a meal we love), so we were poised!

Pete slivered some fresh garlic, and finely chopped some garlic. I chopped a shallot, some spring onions, a yellow pepper. I put the mushrooms in some boiling water to revive them, then they got chopped as well, and the cooked beef was cut into strips.

Stirfried all the veg in some groundnut oil in the wok, added the beef and a good glug of shoyu, tipped in the rice. Stirred it all around till the rice was hot, and served.

We’d eaten about three quarters of it before we remembered that it was supposed to have *egg* in it … but it was delicious nonetheless!