boo to paper(werk)

I loathe and detest doing the accounts, and generally leave them till way too late. But perlmonger would be even worse at it than I am …

however, I have today posted the VAT return and cheque – *on time* – and furthermore, I have done the figures for the P11D, signed the forms, and sent them, with a small cheque for Her Majesty’s Bloodsuckers, *one whole week* before they need to be in to the Robinue.

go me, I think. Off for a lie down now.

2 thoughts on “boo to paper(werk)”

  1. I’ve found myself much more inclined to doing paperwork since I bought a shredder. And no, that’s not to say that I just shred it all! I think it’s the anticipation of being able to shred it once it’s done.

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