Boxing Day

view from Hull Bridge
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We stayed up remarkably late (for us) on Xmas Day, as we started watching Bleak House on DVD, and then couldn’t stop until we’d finished all three DVDs.

So we wanted a lazy day, but decided to go and see some more of the East Riding first. I made some soda bread with six seed wholemeal and some cream that was turning, ready to bake when we got home, then we set off for a drive.

The snow was almost gone at home, but it was icy out in the flatlands. Pete took me to Hull Bridge first, and then we saw a sign for Tophill Low nature reserve and decided to follow it; the road got ever icier but we persevered, and it will be a lovely place to visit when we are better shod and wrapped. We skirted round Beverley, and Driffield, then headed home to bake the bread – I don’t normally bother to leave soda bread to rise, but this one was spectacular, so I think I shall do that in future.

We ate it with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, followed by some plum pud – we never eat that on 25th, as we’re always too full! The rest of the day was slumping in front of the television – Doctor Who, Victoria Wood, and some other stuff. Cold cuts for tea.

Today we are expecting gmul in the early evening, which will be most excellent. I am about to have a mug of tea and a slice of crimble cake, and shall be watching Wallander this afternoon, although a careless throwaway post on LJ has thoroughly spoilered it …