British Gas …

We paid the gas in Long Ashton by direct debit, and when I checked, the account was £140 in credit after the final reading.

“Oh good”, I thought – that’ll stand me in good stead for the next hideous bill after all that cold weather, especially as another £120 will have gone into their maw.

But when I looked again today, the credit was still sitting on the Long Ashton address, and there are no additional credits from a direct debit on this address at 90 ramtops road, and WTF no 94 ramtops road is doing on the account, $deity only knows.

I phoned them up, and a very nice man told me that they refunded the £140 back to the bank at the beginning of December, so I’ll have to check that (and if so, why does the bloody thing show a credit? – surely it should show a zero balance), and that they don’t automatically transfer standing orders from one address to another, even when the transfer went through the house moving team. So instead of being £250 or so in credit with the gas, I’m starting from zero again 🙁 I’ve set up the direct debit again, but how STUPID is that practice?