The secret life of the ladies' loos

light path I took this in the Ladies toilets at the Lincoln Collection, a rather splendid museum. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such nice loos outside of posh hotels!

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weekend 30/31 jan 2010

Up bright and early – well, ish – made a batch of blueberry muffins, consumed bacon and black pudding butties, then walked into town.  It is *so* nice to be able to go to all these places on foot.  We took the barometer to the clock hospital, but they said they couldn’t fix it – ghod knows why not, as it didn’t look that difficult to replace the glass to us, but ho hum.  I shall be upset if I can’t find anyone to do it (it broke in the move).

We had a mooch round the old part of Hull – there’s some wonderful architecture there, and some of the city is medieval; must go down with a camera on a nice Sunday afternoon.  Then we met (most of) the rest of the fledgling No2ID group in The Mission pub, had a meeting to discuss strategies and what we do next, met a chap who is standing for the Greeens, and lives 8 doors down from us, and then we all ventured out into the freezing cold and set up a stall in the centre.

It went better than I thought it might – we got several pages of petitions signed, gave away loads of leaflets, and engaged plenty of people in conversation.  After what seemed like *hours*, but wasn’t, Carla did a tea run and I brought forth the muffins, and we managed to carry on a little longer,

On the way home, we stocked up with dried beans and organic bread flour and other stuff from a shop we discovered in South Street that sells them loose – hurrah!  Not a huge range, but better than buying them packaged.  And we stopped off in Argos to buy a carpet sweeper; the cats are scattering litter all over the upstairs, and I’m bored with carting the Roomba round the house every day.  A tenner for the sweeper seemed like a bargain, and it did a cracking job. Needless to say, the Tribe have been neatness itself today ….  We had a lazy evening after that, and I made some cappuccino cupcakes as a test run for next month’s No2ID meet, and some polenta bread.

This morning, we ventured over to Walton Street market and did the fruit and veg shopping, and then pottered round the house. Someone was meant to be collecting a Freecycle item this afternoon, but never turned up, which made me seethe.  Cooked a roast chickie! with cabbage, leeks, carrots and roast spuds.  Slumped. Ate coffee cupcakes.  Bzzt.


Forgot to mention last night’s excitement …

We live 5 minutes from Princes Avenue, which has loads of bars and restaurants that are very busy on Fridays and Saturdays, thus, we often hear rather drunk people on their way home down our road.  They always sound good-humoured and often sing … sort of.  They’re never remotely alarming,

However, last night, about 11:30, someone was coming down the road shouting his head off, sounding incredibly angry. Whatever language he was shouting in, it wasn’t English.  We live in an end terrace with a narrow alley between us and the next block, which is secured by a locked metal gate either end.

The house literally shook suddenly, and we think this guy must have been rattling the gate, and seconds later, there was the sound of smashing glass – not, thankfully, from our house, but further up the road (although I did make Pete go and and check, not least because the cats like sitting in the front window and watching the world go by).

When we went past this morning, their bay window had been boarded up – I can only guess that this guy was hoping to get into the house via the back yard and alley, and when he couldn’t open the gate, he went for the window.  *I* was scared, so the unfortunate occupant(s) of the house must have been utterly terrified.