new surgery

New house means new medical centre, if you move across the city as we did. So I went for my introductory appointment, and that was fine.  Except my blood pressure was very high, and I’ve never had high blood pressure, ever.  And then they wanted to do a diabetic review with the nurse, and that was fine, but the blood pressure was still too high. And she took a load of bloods.

And the next working day I got a phone call summoning me for a medication review. It turns out that my HbA1c is up from 53 to 61(!), and my cholesterol is also going up (7.1%). But my blood pressure is going down, so that’s good.

I haven’t been anywhere near as good at looking after myself as usual this year, it’s fair to say. Stress and worry, comfort eating, not enough exercise. I’ve already taken that in hand; being more careful with my diet, bought a treadmill at the weekend. So I need to keep that up. But … statins. I’m afraid so. Ho hum.

yet another diabetic review 13 oct 2014

[note to self – last cholesterol level 6.4%]

Honestly, I don’t think he knew why I was there for a moment. Had to ask me what medication I took! All they’re interested in is pushing statins, but I think he’s given up with me now. I was verging on Polite.

Cholesterol now 6.1%, so improving slowly.

diabetic review 27 aug 2014

Bah and grrr.

HbA1c 53mmol/mo, up 5 from last time. He wasn’t bothered. Cholesterol climbing slowly, where it had been falling – I suspect due to not exercising as much. I’ll tackle that.

LOng conversation (different doctor this time, one who does actually look at you, and pay attention) on the subject of statins. When you look at the statics, they make about 5% difference to your chance of heart attack/stroke, and I’m not sure I want to take more drugs for that result. Have fought him off till my next set of bloods in five weeks time, and see if I can get them down again.

Stupidly, I didn’t take a not of what the level actually *is*, and he didn’t write it down with the others.

As an aside, I had blood taken last Tuesday. She couldn’t get anything at all out of one arm, and I still have a huge black bruise on the other. I do wish my veins would cooperate – resistance is futile, really, the vampires will get me.

so I went to see the doctor

And firstly, he kept addressing me as Mary, which is my middle name, and really, I think he should have referred to me as Mrs Jordan anyway, to begin with at least.

I told him I didn’t want statins, and he started off on “all the benefits”. I stopped him, and said that as my cholesterol level was actually down since my last bloods, and was within 0.1% of my level 2 years ago, I failed to see what all the fuss was about. And that there was no history of early heart disease in my family. And that I didn’t want them anyway? “Why?”, he asked, and I explained that I saw no reason to take a drug “just in case”, when there seemed no necessity for it.

I also said that getting a receptionist to phone and tell me to come to the surgery and collect a prescription for new drugs was quite disgraceful; an appointment should have been offered at the very least, and it had made me really quite scared.

He apologised – not very sincerely, I don’t think. He looked at his screen virtually all the time, rather than at me, which I didn’t like. He said that the blood test results came back in batches, and were parcelled out to various doctors in the practice, and that clearly the doctor who reviewed mine didn’t check the history. I forebore to point out that the diabetic nurse yesterday showed me my records on screen, and guess who reviewed mine? Yup, got it in one.

So now, I don’t need them for no, he has noted my healthy diet and exercise regime. But I tell you what – I didn’t like him, and I shall attempt to see another doctor next time, because this one seems rushed and untrustworthy to me.

diabetic review April 2014

So I had new bloods done a couple of weeks ago, and two working days later, the surgery phoned. Telling me to come in and pick up a prescription for statins *that day*, because my cholesterol was too high (but they wouldn’t tell me what it was over the phone). I refused to accept more drugs without seeing a doctor, which miffed them mightily, but I held out, and this morning, I went to see my diabetic nurse to get the numbers.

HbA1c 48mmol/mol – up three from October, so not too bad. Cholesterol? 6.0%. Down from 6.9% in October, and the same pretty much as it was 2.5 years ago (at 5.9%, when nobody even mentioned it as a dangerous level). So sod statins for a game of soldiers, then. I’m seeing the doctor tomorrow, and shall tell him that, and will see if I can get it down myself.

More bloods on 1 July. And no, I’m not giving up my ounce of cheese a day, so there.

(Previous health entry here.)

diabetic review Oct 2013

Good, mostly, but not all.

HbA1c 6.4% (down from 7.1%),  or 45 mmol/mol (down from 54), which is very nearly in the range for non-diabetics.

Weight down 4kgs (but up 2kgs in the past four weeks, which is mad). waist measurement down, feet fine).  But …

Cholesterol up to 6.9% (from 5.9% two years ago). So if I can’t get that under control – and I’m not sure how – they’re going to want to give me statins, which I really don’t want.

Ho and indeed hum.


I bought a treadmill in February – just a cheap and cheerful one from eBay, to see if I’d use it. And I used it so much that I bought a much better one in March. The Proform 900 weighs a ton, and was originally bought in 1996; it did programs and incline and so forth, and I loved it to bits, and it has assisted me in getting to my lowest weight in *years*.

But now it is almost dead, and we cannot work out why. Only two buttons on its console work – one of them sets the speed to 3.2km per hour, and the other to 16km (so I don’t press that). No incline, no other speed adjustments. I shall buy another next week, because it is making me really so much fitter, apart from the weight thing.

Anyhoo, I normally try to do 5km on it, at a fairly high incline, as that burns a lot of calories. But no incline, remember? So I fired up the Get Running app on my phone, and thought I’d restart it. Week 4 was 16 minutes of running, broken into 3 / 5 / 3 / 5 with walking intervals in between. And I wasn’t really even out of breath (although, to be fair, it was at 3.2km per hour). So I thought I’d see what I could do, and I ran a whole additional kilometre without stopping!

Well, *I* was impressed 🙂

Treading the mill

About six weeks ago, I bought a treadmill on eBay; we had to go to *Scunthorpe* to collect it. It’s a fairly basic affair, motorised, Fitness Pro, and I used it religiously. In the past two weeks, I’ve done an hour every morning on it, averaging 8,000 steps before breakfast, and starting on the Couch to 5K program. Incidentally, I can now run for 8 minutes in succession without dying, and I’m starting to have visible muscles!

But the treadmill has no incline, and no programs, and I wanted something better. Yesterday I won an eBay auction for a Proform 900, which sold at £1,500 originally. I paid £300 for it, and it’s costing £65 to get it couriered here to Hull from Hunstanton, which is cheaper than actually driving there and back (never mind the issue of whether it would fit in the car). It arrives tomorrow afternoon.

Once I’d won the auction yesterday, I photographed the old one, and stuck it on Gumtree and eBay. It was sold within 2 hours via Gumtree, and I got within a fiver of what I paid for it, with the added bonus of no eBay fees. But, this morning, there was no! treadmill! Wah.

So I went out. *Outside*. In a long sleeved running top, and a fleece, and a warm hat, and fingerless gloves (and leggings, of course). The sun was shining, but it was -2C, and the pavements were frosty. I walked up to the local park, which is about 7 minutes away, and attempted to do my C25K there, but it didn’t go well. Took me ages to warm up, so I really only managed three of the six runs, and the pavements are very hard compared to the treadmill, and my knees didn’t like it. I walked for another half an hour over that, so I got the steps in, but I think I’ll stick to indoors after tomorrow, thank you!

Here’s the route, should you be interested; we’re lucky to have this virtually on the doorstep.

a trip to Sheffield

We took ourselves off to Sheffield for the first weekend in March; we had tickets to see the splendid Richard Thompson, so I booked a hotel room. Sadly, I booked the hotel room (non-refundable, non-cancellable) while I was recovering from flu, and booked it for the wrong bloody night; Friday instead of Saturday. So we said “soddit”, and booked Saturday as well, meaning we could have a wander around Sheffield.

Serendipitously, there was a stack of Morris dancing going on during Saturday, so we wandered around watching that, pausing only for me to have my iPhone nicked in a cafe bar at lunchtime. I’m always so careful with it, but it was on the table, someone came over with a stack of leaflets, trying to sell me something, and he nabbed the phone under cover of the literature. I was displeased, and had to spend the afternoon talking to Sheffield plod and changing passwords (thankfully I actually had my iPad with me, which I usually don’t).

Anyhoo, Richard was wonderful, we had supper first with Tim and Ali Biller (not seen Tim for about 11 years, we think, and had never met Ali), and on Sunday we went to meet KITTINS! at Fran’s, and also ate far too much brunch there, and had a lovely time with Doug, Julia, Jim and Carrie.

While on giggage, we also went to see Martin Simpson this week at our local folk bar. I have no idea how I’ve never encountered him before, but he was absolutely splendid.

Incidentally, I’d never had flu before, and it it’s all the same to you, I don’t want it again, thanks. Pete had it too, and was about two days behind me, so we had a week off work, then a second week at half strength, as it took some getting over. And this damn snow can sod off too.

Freaks in the … Moors

We took ourselves off to Howarth on Friday, for another Freaks in the Peaks weekend, and utterly splendid it was too. The journey there, however, less so, as the radiator died in the roadworks on the M62. The heroic RAC man found a garage who would replace it, and towed us in. We arrived at 4.45, and were away again by about 5.45, so we really couldn’t grumble, but the bill of £245 was a bit of a horror, especially as the car is being MOT’d on Friday, and we have no idea what other horrors may ensue. Ho hum.

We went from the garage to Keighley to pick up Ken – we had planned to drop Jamie in Howarth first, but there was no time, so poor Ken had to be squodged in with his accordion, snare drum and luggage, but we managed. Booked in at the B&B, then off to the pub for smoked haddock fishcakes (for me) and a few [ahem] glasses of wine.

Saturday morning was rehearsing, then dancing in three or four places in the afternoon. Communal cooking in the hall in the evening (we were on chopping duties), then dinner and a lot more dancing. My skeleton was a bit battered by Sunday morning, so we took a drive over to Hebden Bridge and found a lovely food market, then came home right across the top of the moors – beautiful. More dancing then ensued at the Wuthering Heights* pub in Stanbury, before we broke up around 4 and went out separate ways.

We came home via Doncaster (as you do), as Ken wouldn’t have to change trains from there (he has very poor sight), dropped Jamie off, unpacked and slumped with tea, bread and cheese from the market, then had a very early night!

*Everything around there has Bronte names.And did you know that Heathcliffe Mews?

Quick reminder to self: surgery appt this morning. No changes at all, which is good, but thyroid test shows very slightly increased (or decreased or something) so that’ll be retested in three months. Now back on six monthly checks for the diabetes, which is good.