cats on crack

When Ron and Henry were discharged from the vets on Tuesday, we were given some bags of Royal Canin bikkit for “young neutered males up to 7 years”. They do bikkit for senior cat, baby cat, middle aged cat – for all I know, they do bikkit for cats with no neck who do toad impressions … a limited market, given that our Lilith is probably the only one, but still.

We left the bag in the car, but Pete brought it in on Friday when he returned from their check up (they were pronounced fine, thankyouverymuch for asking), and I thought I’d bung one of these small packets down for them to try.

I can only surmise this biscuit is covered with distilled essence of catnip; there was a most unseemly shoving around the bowl, with Mustrum doing his level best to fend off two completely crazed kittens who wanted more More MORE. This small packet disappeared really rather rapidly, and I shall be wary of putting out any more, less an expensive addiction ensues.

4 thoughts on “cats on crack”

  1. I think it’s the same people as do the kitty crack convalescent food that kept Chia alive for months on end, interspersed with the chicken and rice food pouches for cats with sensitive stomachs. There was some seriously unseemly scuffling when Smudge discovered how nice the latter tasted. I always referred to these at the vets’ as kitty crack, and they always looked at me very oddly. I believe the correct term is ‘highly palatable to cats’. As it was, Chia damn near inhaled it.

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