change of habit

perlmonger and I have, since time immemorial (well, alright then, for many years) gone to bed accompanied by A Cup Of Tea, traditionally ensconsed in a Portmeirion mug.  We have done this every night we have been at home.

this includes – somehow – a night when we spent the evening in the pub with the denizens of the local noo meeja mailing list, then as we were getting out of the taxi in the village, we encounted Pat’n’Dave (WANOLJ) who enticed us into our local. Both P and I can remember leaving the pub, and starting off down the steps to our road.  We cannot remember entering the house, feeding the cats, or going to bed.  Nor can we remember making tea, but we did – the evidence was there the next day.  I think we even drank it.

anyhow – I digress.  Last night, we had a (Portmeirion) mug of tea each while watching Lost, just before we went to bed.  And so we decided that we didn’t want any more, and so we wouldn’t make the bedtime cup.

and while I didn’t want to *drink* it, I really missed the mug being there beside me.  So I don’t think we’ll be forgoing it again.