choose your animal

I’ve had a bit of a summer cold the last few days, and so haven’t done any exercise, which has left me feeling a bit sluggish, so I went out for a brisk walk this morning at 6.30. It was going to be a Couch to 5k session, but sadly (or not) the leggings I was wearing were bought when I was two sizes bigger than I am now, and would have caused an Embarassing Incident had I carried on jogging, so I didn’t, and just walked instead; just over 3 miles, on a new route which included the KC Stadium, and back through the cemetery. I was catching up with Desert Island Disks podcasts – Stuart Rose, then Frank Skinner – and as I trundled across the Walton Street wasteland, I thought the headphones were making an odd noise, until I realised that it was a car behind me tooting its horn, waiting to get by. One more reminder as to why I’ll never wear headphones when cycling!

choose your animalA lot of pavements in Hull are chalked with the sign “pick it up”, which exhort dog owners to take their animals’ mess home with them. I was amused to see a “get a cat” chalking while out this morning – must have been done in the last couple of days, I think, as I’m sure I would have noticed it before.