contact lens update

I expect everyone is bored to death reading about this (if they’re reading it at all), but I want a record for myself, so …

I went back to SpecSavers on Friday for a checkup – I’ve had no problems at all with the lenses except for my close vision (which is truly dreadful), so Vicky has adjusted the prescription, and thinks I will at least be able to chop an onion without wearing reading glasses.

I want some extended wear lenses – not for everyday, but at least for when I go camping, or am out late, or some such.  When I first went there, she gave me very strict instructions that if I ever fell asleep in the lenses, they’d have to be thrown out, and that SpecSavers didn’t do an extended wear toric that would be suitable for me.

So I explained to her that I understood all that, but could she give me a prescription anyway, so I could buy some elsewhere.  At which point she said that, in fact, the lenses I have from them _are_ extended wear, and that she wouldn’t recommend (obviously) that I kept them in for 30 days, 3-4 nights would be a problem.  This all seems a tad bizarre really, but there you go.

So, with trepidation, I slept in them on Saturday night, and they were absolutely fine! I shall build up my tolerance over the next 10 days so I can do 3 nights on the trot, and then I’m set for Spring Camp – huzzah!

p.s. my optician is doing her motorcycle CBT – she’s in her mid fifties, and about 5.4", so I think that’s terrific!

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  1. Re: You really should do yours, you know…

    No thanks. I did try it about 12 years ago, and hated every minute of it.

    Do you ever respond to anything that doesn’t involved motorbikes?

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