5 thoughts on “delightful”

  1. Pixar still use Luxo as a character in their film credits title.

    It’s a brilliant idea – a “character” with lots of degrees of freedom (expressive) but purely rigid pin-jointed structure underneath, so they’re easy to model.

  2. There are a whole slew of excerpts from the shorts on Pixar’s web site.

    All apart from the most recent used to be all there, for free, but they’ve moved them to the iTunes store. I’ve signed up for the UK store where they are advertised but I can’t see how to download them. Which sucks.

    Still, we do have the Pixar demo reel video from when they actually sold Renderman (it’s got the first four shorts: “Luxo Junior”, “Red’s Dream”, “Tin Toy”, and “Knick-Knack”), so we must connect up a video recorder to the DVD burner or a TV card and digitise the lot.

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