did you get the things we needed? (an occasional series)

I wanted a new cookbook stand, and some crumpet rings, and perlmonger required some ‘ose and circlips to rejig the pond pump plumbing. So we ventured forth.

We popped into the village offy to order some wine, and were presented with a 15-egg eggbox which they had saved especially for Henry, which I thought was rather kind.

In Kitchens, I bought

  • 2 crumpet rings
  • a cookbook stand
  • a sleeve to put in the freezer to chill white wine (or anything else, I suppose)
  • 3 individual pudding moulds (to take my 5 up to 8)
  • a pair of shell silicone egg poachers, just because they were so cute
  • a tarte tatin tin, because I’ve always wanted one

Then we set sail for Almondsbury garden centre, where we bought (oh dear):

  • 5m of hose and 4 circlips (so far, so good)
  • some fish flakes – we’re getting through a lot of fish food, because Henry and Ron love it, and have some every morning)
  • a solar pond fountain (oops)
  • 4 herb plants – 2 thyme, 1 parsley, 1 mint
  • a rhubarb crown
  • 3 shrubs for a tenner – we chose a beautiful yellow green grass, a cornus alba and an ajuga
  • a white waterlily, and 2 oxygenating plants
  • a Tradescantia with splendid purple flowers

Henry is thus far unimpressed with his super-sized eggbox, but both he and Ron have occupied the lovely big paper carrier bag from Kitchens.

Moussaka for supper, which will be nice. And then feet up – exhausted.

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  1. it is flaked food for the fish in the pond. I don’t think I want to contemplate some sort of cat weirdness competition, thanks all the same …

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