double glazing salesmen

We have four upstairs windows which are original wooden ones, and need replacing with double glazed units. We also want to put french doors in the dining room, and replace the big bay window at the front.

We don’t want to go to one of the big national mob, so we chose three local suppliers from a Google search. The first chap was an old-fashioned sort of dg salesman – he had his pitch, and he was damn well going to deliver it. He had a small dg unit in a canvas bag, which he was going to damn well show us. The bay was a bit of an afterthought, and we asked him to quote it separately; he gave us a price for the four windows and french doors as one lump sum, and the bay separately. He wrote these figures on the back of his business card and went on his way.

The other two people who called a) owned their own companies, and b) fitted their own windows. The first one sent in a detailed quotation, describing the windows, and itemising the prices. The second one phoned through the prices, and said he would follow it up with a written quote. So today, I phoned the original chap, and asked for the prices to be split.

“Oh”, he said; “I’d normally do that at ordering time.” Eh? Nevertheless, I told him, I would like them split. “Oh”, he said; “I’m going into the office later today, I’ll work them out” (eh?) “and phone them through.”

I said I’d like it in writing, please. He seemed reluctant to take the trouble – I nearly told him not to bother. His prices are 20% higher than the other two, and I’d like to see where, but I shan’t be ordering from him, because his attitude stinks. That’s the best part of £5k he’s just lost.