So I booked a taxi (because parking can be a bit fraught at HRI) for 8.35 from 60-60-60 cars. Which didn’t turn up until 8.45, the driver complaining all the way in about the traffic. In the rush hour, dreadful traffic – who’d have thought it, eh? Back to 57-57-57 in future.

Appt was at 9 and was seen dead on time – quick chat with consultant, sight test and drops, then a short wait until they did the dye test. In typical fashion, my veins just disappeared at the sight of a needle, but they got the cannula in at the third (!) attempt, and the two nurses were very kind and sympathetic.

Then then pumped some dye in, and I sat in front of £120k’s worth of brand new eye photographing kit while they took photos. Then they took the cannula out again, and I waited to see the consultant once more.

There are indeed deposits on the retina, and they will be lasered off on 9th July. Something else to look forward to.

I am now yellow (from the dye). In other news, we stopped for a recuperative coffee on the way back from the hospital, and it transpires our favourite café, Mustard, appears to have changed hands. This can only be bad news, I fear.

The taxis cost a total of 7.20, which was probably cheaper than taking the car and parking.