early start this morning

as we took Liessa to the vets for a full dental examination and lord knows what else. Details at the CatBlog if anyone wants more.

the weekend was spent mostly working – Pete got some nassty Ajax stuff nailed in the horror that is IE6, and I did the globes presentation and back office pages, and the currency switcher (hurrah!) for the maps site. We cooked a vat of chicken tagine on Saturday evening, which was vair nice, and there were three tubs left for the freezer.

today will be mostly spent worrying about the little kitteh, of whom we are inordinately fond. And wrestling with Worldpay’s callback system. Let nobody say we don’t lead a full and exciting life.

2 thoughts on “early start this morning”

    1. vet has just this moment phoned. She has had four of her sharp white pointy teeth removed (from the back). She has to go back for a checkup next Friday, and again the Friday after that, and then we’ll see how she goes.

      poor Bada ..

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