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Spurn Head
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On Sunday, we had a planned visitation from gmul, and a totally unexpected one from purple_peril – they arrived seperately, but in the full knowledge of each others’ destination, so that was OK, but it gave me a bit of a turn! We fed them cold goose and red cabbage and new potatoes, and they fed us with ridiculously rich chocolates, which I bitterly regretted the next day! We sallied forth to breakfast at Brimbles at the top of the road, then waved them on their various ways.

After they’d left, we ventured forth to the city, where we obtained a huge folding jigsaw case from Argos, and a fiendishly difficult (it transpires) 1000 piece jigsaw from W H Smith, which has many, many cats. One of the joys of having a permanent dining table again is being able to have a jigsaw on the go, but we needed a case because cats and jigsaws really don’t go …

Yesterday morning we set out for Spurn Point, somewhere I’ve wanted to go ever since we got here; sadly, permutations of busyness, a wounded foot, and the weather conspired against us until now. The morning was grey, but no matter – we kitted ourselves out with several layers of clothes, and proper hiking boots, and off we went. What a wonderful place – we battled down the beach on the North Sea side for an hour or so, then walked back along the road. The wind was ferocious, but it was exhilarating nonetheless, and I look forward to revisiting it in more clement weather. I got a bit feeble towards the end, and sent Pete off to get the car – I hadn’t done much walking for ages, and the combination of poorly foot and a skeleton unhappy with the winter did for me, but I turned out to be not far from the car, so I’m pleased with how I managed.

We came home and ate chickpeas, spinach and rice – have had far too much rich fud over the past week, and it’ll all start again tomorrow as we have guests for New Year. Watched the first part of Triffids, which seems to be Survivors all over again, with special effects from the Dr Who team.

Off to Beverley today for a look round, and then to Waitrose in Willerby.

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