general update

Health improving, weight going down. Today am 65.9kgs. ¬†eBay treadmill died after only two months, but nothing to be done. It would work only at either 3.2kmph (manageable, but boring), or 16kmph (not manageable at all), and no incline, so I waiting till BigClient paid BigInvoice and bought a new one. Old one was Freegled, to a chap who really looked as though he wouldn’t be able to get it out of the car, never mind use it, but there you go.

Running at 6.5kmph was quite a shock to my system! and I’ve decided to return now to proper C25K – I’m on week 5, and and managed the 8 minutes OK, but I don’t want to overdo it.

We have been to see Show of Hands in Batley, Bill Bailey in Hull, and are seeing Julian Clary in Hull on Thursday. Yesterday was “sort out the back yard” day, but the sun shone and you know .. so we hopped a train to Bempton and walked along the cliffs. Absolutely lovely. Route here.

Last weekend we went down to Norfolk to visit Daughter and GrandToad. Unfortunately her new chap was struck by a lurgy, and got worse and worse as the Eurovision party proceeded, culminating in firstly a paramedic, and then an ambulance which bore them both away to the hospital. Thankfully it turned out to be a chest infection rather than a cardiac wossname, but still – worrying, and meant nobody really slept, as they didn’t get back until 5.45 a.m. On the Sunday, Clare had a gig in Sheringham, so we all poled up there – we Toadsat while the band did their thing, mooched around the town, Pete got new slippers, Toad got Hotbox toys, all good. Lovely time. On the Monday we had a hike round Blakeney Point (one of my favourite places *in the world), then a wander round Hunstanton, where a lovely shiny red satchel bag was obtained (who’d have thought it? In Hunstanton!?).

So that’s it for that, really. Posts about cars and Morrising coming up. Soon, I promise.