goose and bacon pie

using up: cold goose, bacon, apple juice, ready made pastry

I thought we’d seen the last of Johnny Goose, but when Pete manfully tackled the carcass after we’d boiled it up for soup, there was a fair bit left. There were other bits and pieces too, so it was deemed Pie Time.

I fried off three fat rashers of green back bacon, and a chopped onion, in a little olive oil. Put the bits in a bowl with the goose remains. Deglazed the pan with some apple juice.

Made up a vegetable stock cube with a little boiling water, and added to the pan, then mixed up a bit of cornflour and water, and bunged that in. Added some finely chopped sage. Cooked it down till it was a gloopy constituency and added it to the bowl.

Got the pastry out of the fridge – horror! It had gone off. Quickly whipped up some fresh – 8oz flour, 3oz trex, 1oz butter – in the Magimix, and trickled iced water in till it was the right constituency.

Made the pie in a round, shallow pyrex dish – lined it with pastry, bunged in the filling, put a top on. Baked at gas 6 for 40 minutes, with roast spuds in the top of the oven. Lovely.

Originally published at Reactive Cooking.