[green] the hoovering

The reason I asked about the frequency of hoovering in this post is because …

Well, we used to be of the “lets invite someone round, then the vacuuming might actually get done” school of thought. I loathe housework, and hoovering is one of the worst things. It does my back in, and 24 hours after you’ve done it, it wants doing again.

But now … now, I LOVE IT.
We bought a Roomba, and it is possibly the best gadget I’ve ever had. And believe me, there’s been some.

Charge it up, pick the worst of the stuff off the floor, and leave it. I’ve worked out where to put stuff now so that it will do the kitchen and living room all in one, and cutest of cute, it docks itself back in its charger when it’s finished. The cats aren’t sure about it, but they don’t rule the house, do they? It’s like having R2D2 beetling about the place!

perlmonger Dyson’ed the whole house on Saturday, and on Sunday the little Roomba picked up a *stack* of cat hair. Fabulous.

Like a garden looks better with the grass mowed, so a room looks better with the floor clean. I’m hooked.

7 thoughts on “[green] the hoovering”

  1. The cats aren’t sure about it, but they don’t rule the house, do they?

    Your cats are obviously operating an indulgent tyrrany if you are permitted to think this!

    am ever so tempted now! Are Roombas appreciably better than the cheaper versions on sale? (iHoover etc) I too loathe housewerk and this could be my treat when solicitor compensation comes through!

  2. Our near neighbours have one and our 14m old is too sure about it either. at first he was fascinated and then it became All Too Much (TM). Now he’s walking more he might be less skittish around it.

    As another friend said, toddlers are just like slightly bigger and messier cats 🙂

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