I had my hair permed last Thursday, and I’m really disappointed. It doesn’t seem to have taken at all on the top, which is very flat..

I suppose I must be brave and go and complain – anyone ever done this in a hair salon?

The situation is worsened by the fact that I’m moving 250 miles away on 21st, and have no time to let them sort it. Woe.

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  1. Well sure, I owned a salon on the upper eastside of Manhattan for a decade.

    Most salons will guarantee their work, though leaving out the part that you will not be a repeat customer may be wise. 18 days is more than enough time to get a reappointment. Many things could have occurred to cause the top too not curl sufficiently for what you were looking for. Mostly; the hair was to long for the rod size or the rod used was not small enough. Or something else. So just be polite when you call them.

    However, and I hate to say this, but perms are the most destructive service sold in a salon. Re-perming is even more problematic. I’m not kidding unfortunately. Unless you have complete confidence in the tech that is going to be reapplying more perm chemical on your hair, and it can be done, than you may want to wait till you get to your new place and find an excellent stylist. That way the molecular structure will have returned to something more natural. To just re-perm the top of your hair is very difficult.
    Good luck and have a happy move.

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