hmm …

I threw caution, and the diet, to the wind over the weekend.  There was a couple of glasses of wine on Friday night, and (I’m ashamed to say) a frenzied attack on a packet of Cadburys chocolate fingers.  On Saturday there was fruit cake, and fish and chips, and ice cream in the form of a Magnum; Sunday was better – cereal for breakfast, half a baguette (white) with chicken and cucumber and mayo, lentils and rice for supper.  But another couple of glasses of wine, and a singleton faux Bahlsen chocolate bikkit (from Aldl, or possibly Lidi).

And my word – I felt like shit this morning.  No energy, bloated and miserable – didn’t even go swimming, which I’d planned to do.  So back on the diet I go – don’t like feeling like this.

And you will be pleased to know (well, those who give a toss :), that I have made an appointment to see the doctor on Friday.

2 thoughts on “hmm …”

    1. Oh, not severe. I try to avoid “bad” carbs, no snacks, the choccy binge was the first choc or bikkit for 3 weeks, smaller portions, low fat – that sort of thing. And much less wine 🙂 I’m also doing quite a lot of exercise (well, for me, anyway); I walk to the swimming pool – and swim – at least twice a week, I walk a lot (5 miles today, I think), I use the exercise bike 3 times a week.

      I’ve dropped 2kg in 3 weeks, but I’ve also dropped a dress size.

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