impulse soup

The weather was unseasonal and rainy, and forecast to be like that for the week. Neither P nor I are feeling particularly well, either, and so we decreed Soup.

There wasn’t much in – we’ve cancelled the box from Box Bush Farm, as we weren’t happy with the service. The last box we had contained spinach, lettuce, a limp cabbage and some chard, and two bunches of carrots – not very varied, we thought. There were a few apples and bananas too, but we have been disappointed. So we are currently veg boxless until I decide whether to give Abel and Cole a try. Anyway, I digress.

We had lots of carrots. Lots. But not much else. So I sliced them very thin with the fancy addon for the Kitchenaid mixer, and hurled an onion in there too, and sweated them down in some oil. Rummaging in the fridge brought forth a jug of stock from the Moroccan rack of lamb I did last week, so that went in. And a carton of creamed tomatoes, and a mugful or so of lentils. Left it to cook for about 90 minutes.

Lovely – the stock gave it a lovely spicy flavour. And it will do us for the week.

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2 thoughts on “impulse soup”

  1. The soup sounds delicious. This comment brought to you by subliminal advertising for Farmaround. Adam and I had a box from them for 3 years, and, despite the dreaded annual appearance of the kohl rabi, I thought they were wonderful. Very friendly customer service, too – they put up with all sorts of erratic box suspension requests from me on the basis of travel, frequency of meals elsewhere, untenable cabbage backlogs and so forth.

    I wish they delivered to Nashville! The veg boxes here only run April – October, overlapping exactly with the satellite farmers market stalls.

    1. All the farmers’ markets I’ve seen in the US have been wonderful. I’ve just placed a trial order with Abel and Cole, who do let you opt out of certain items, so no beetroot [shudder].

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