in and out of da house 4 December 09

  • The living room alcoves have been painted, as has under the window – just as well, as the plumber came to move the radiator yesterday, rather earlier than we expected! Will continue with painting tomorrow, as
  • We have realised that the only sensible place for the TV is on the chimney breast above the (currently non-existent) fireplace*, occasioning me to ..
  • Go off into Hull shopping this morning, all on my own. Managed to find the car park, navigate to the stores I wanted, and get home again without needing GPS – Pete was amazed. Bought a throw for the tatty armchair that Gavin left, as it is actually quite comfortable, just hideous to look at, two new cushions, and a wall mount for the television. Oh, and some cat fud, and two steak pasties and 4 mince pies, for the princely sum of £2.09 (not including the cat fud). It’s astonishing how much cat fud we are getting through – I knew the Tribe ate out a lot, but this is ridiculous!
  • Entertainment stack of TV, amp, tivo, dvd player, Neuros and Roku is all assembled, although the Neuros is currently sulking and refusing to speak to the network. It was doing this that made us realise the wallmount issue, as there is nowhere sensible to put the speakers except either side of the chimney breast
  • Another bookcase is up,and the book heap is down to 14 large boxes [scream]. Coffee table, and red leather Poang chair and footstool are assembled. Some ornaments are even out! – it’s starting to look like home. The triangular shelves are up in the kitchen, permitting the unpacking of Pete’s tea collection,
  • I’ve just started 5 gallons of wine; would have been six, but Pete snapped an airlock. Hock, apricot, Merlot, Barolo and Rioja (all from kits – I’ll do some winter wines soon though; parsnip, beetroot, that sort of thing).
  • The Polish builder who quoted £200 to fit the loft ladder is still here, after starting at 8 yesterday, although he did go home last night. Horrible job, and my dears – the *dust*. So soon we shall be able to insulate it, and be much warmer. I hope.
  • Actually went *out* and met some people on Thursday, of which more later.
  • *Scored a fireplace and gas fire on eBay today for £26, so off to sunny Scunthorpe tomorrow to collect it.
  • Have taken a hunk of silverside out of the freezer to slow cook tomorrow
  • And off to Scarborough tonight to see Rob Brydon. Looking forward to that.

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