in da house 2 dec 09

  • Got the very last box unpacked, apart from the books! Oh – actually, there’s one more box, which has teas and other mugs in it, but it’s waiting for the triangular shelves to go up in the kitchen so it doesn’t count
  • Found the curtain for the study, and put it up
  • Cleared the £1.40 from eBay dining table, added a cream chenille cover and a wooden plate of apples, stood back and admired it, and watched it instantly become a cat haunt
  • Had conversation with Karoo support explaining there was no master socket in the house, so we cannot try plugging the router straight into it; they will come and fit one this afternoon FOC
  • Got quote from joiner for cracked front double glazing unit and radiator moving from side wall to under window – better than anyone else, so booked him. Let us fervently hope we can put a log grate in the chimney
  • Freegled brass door furniture from study door (which is going to the tip), more boxes, 200 DL envelopes
  • Took car full of damp cardboard, carpet bits, ironing board (which collapsed in the move – how sad), etc to the tip – Hull tip is very civilised, a chap comes and *helps* you unload
  • Went up to the bakery for some rolls for lunch, and felt proud of myself for referring to them as "breadcakes" – I’m becoming assimilated
  • Filled the car with diesel for the first time since 13 November – averaged 49.something, which is pretty good, given I drove the 230 miles up here at 80+ most of the way, and the rest of the time we’ve been pottering around Hull
  • Put our lovely living room rug down last night, and got some the last of the lamps out – it’s really starting to feel like home now
  • Pete soldiered on with the study, which is almost done, and although small is probably more workable than the old one
  • I actually did some *work* – not much, but some
  • Won a small but significant battle with Wickes, after pointing out Politely that if I pay £5.60 for next day delivery, and it doesn’t arrive next day, then I should get a refund. It’s not much, but that’s not the point
  • Got the landing pretty much cleared of rubbish – just the business paperwork files there now, and a couple of empty boxes which are a cat playground at the moment. Box files are going into plastic crates in the loft when it’s done, so we can fit some bookshelves up there shortly.

No, I didn’t get the soup made, nor the wine started. Today I want to get the new bedroom curtains/pols up, and the double glazing film over the upstairs window, get the study finished, and just possibly start painting the living room, at least where the radiator is going to go, although that means moving lots of shelving bits.