in the loft

We emptied the loft last night. perlmonger kept assuring me that there “wasn’t much up there”. He was mistaken. We emptied it into our bedroom, and the bathroom, and I became marooned in a wall of boxes; still, at least that made us sort it all before the evening was over – there’s yet another load in the car to go to the charity shop, and there’s another car’s worth for the tip.

Why did we have 15 assorted suitcases and bags? And six broken keyboards, a carpet neither of us have ever seen before, still more vinyl records, a box of clothes of mine in a size 12 (FFS).

Still, we found the boxes for all the monitors, the scanner, the laser printer, the slow cooker, the food mixer, the Remoksa, amongst others, which will make life a tiny bit easier in the next week. Every little helps.

2 thoughts on “in the loft”

  1. I’m not looking forwards to packing up our loft. The new house hasn’t got an easily accessible loft so not sure where we’re going to stash it all (spare room at first no doubt). In this house its been far too easy to stick stuff up in the loft or in the cellar!

  2. Wait a sec. We ejected 6 broken keyboards, mystery carpet and divers luggage (among piles of other crap) from our loft a year ago. There’s clearly some disembodied Loft Entity that, once evicted from attic space, simply regenerates in another attic until manifesting itself at the worst possibly time for the occupants.

    I wonder if they can breed with with basements?

    Good luck with the final clearout. Where does it all come from?

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