it's not always good to share

Ministers are preparing to overturn a fundamental principle of data protection in government, the Guardian has learned. They will announce next month that public bodies can assume they are free to share citizens’ personal data with other arms of the state, so long as it is in the public interest.

more from the Guardian here.

to think that some people – not me, obviously – *voted* for these fuckwits.

2 thoughts on “it's not always good to share”

  1. This fills me with fear. Not so much from a civil-liberties point of view – the war’s over and we’ve lost that one – but from a competence and security point of view.

  2. on a similar note, Miss and I were watching telly-news last night and they were talking up the idea of a child database. Totally secure except that posh-folks’ kids would naturally be excluded… er. why? Just in case their details were revealed, apparently.

    As a teaching professional, Miss’s hair just about stood on end at the ramifications inherent in a clearly insecure, selective child database whose legitimate accessors would number in the thousands.

    This lot clearly have lost it size large. In so many ways too. They ought to be an exemplar of idiocy for future politicians to study. Hay ho

    /| bish

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