joined up health care

Attentive readers may recall that I spent a fun morning in the Eye Clinic at Hull Royal Infimary in April, getting a full inspection, including a retinopathy test.  A couple of weeks ago, a letter arrived from the Diabetic Retinopathy Screening mob at the Infirmation, inviting me for an appointment.

I phoned, explained the situation, but they still wanted me to come in. So in I went this afternoon, and they did exactly the same test they’d done two months ago, thus wasting their time and mine, and the hospital’s resources. They indicated that there was no way they could use the first test for the diabetic stuff, which is just bizarre, really.

Uh HuhWe took a nice round trip, making a walk of just under five miles in all, in weather so hot and humid we were practically steaming! I bought a gel saddle in a bike shop on Anlaby Road, where they had an extraordinarily stylish men’s bicycle with cream tyres, a leather saddle and a wooden rear carrier – really quite splendid. If only I’d had the sense to make a note of its manufacturer, I could share it with you.

We wandered back through Western Cemetery, one of my favourite places. I hadn’t seen this one before. I really must get out there with a “proper” camera.