just occasionally, a day is a really good one

In the general drudgery of Monday to Friday, just now and again you get a day that goes really nicely. And yesterday was one such. In no particular order:

  1. perlmonger is not keen on making telephone calls, and he had a couple that he _had_ to make; I couldn’t do them for him. He made them, and the outcome from both looks good.
  2. I sent an e-mail to a client explaining that their project had suffered from severe scope creep, and we would have to increase their bill by £1.5k. “That’s fine”, he quoth – “no problem with that”. Why can’t they all be so reasonable?
  3. stompy red boots!
  4. the new Show of Hands double CD, and DVD, arrived. We listened to the former last night. Might go and watch the latter in a minute
  5. pumpkin and apple risotto for supper; delicious – trust me
  6. a potential client with a mega e-commerce application has booked a meeting for 10 January. The downside of that is that the train fares cost me *£83* [scream] – the joys of catching the 8.11 from Nailsea to Paddington (they are in Edgware Road).

So that was all rather nice. Today we battled out in the rain to the greasy spoon, the greengrocer, the farm shop, and the station, to collect the aforementioned usurious tikkits.

Tomorrow, LibDem xmas lunch. The rest of the weekend is going to be spodding, I think.