2 thoughts on “let battle (re)commence”

  1. We’ve had Phoebe for about 5 years. Bramble moved in just over 2 years ago, and Morgan III came just over a year ago.

    Morgan and Bramble are fast friends. I often wonder whether it’s because they’re both black and white, but they behave like siblings, which they’re not. Phoebe, however, has never become reconsiled to either of them and keeps them totally in awe of her as Top Cat, even though she is the smallest. She hisses or snarls at them if they get in her way and cuffs either of them if she feels like it.

    Bramble doesn’t take much notice, but poor Morgan is utterly terrified of her, even though he’s about half as big again as she is, and will slink in the door and walk all the way round the edge of the room to get to where he wants to be rather than go anywhere near Phoebe.

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