life laundering

a bag came through the door – from the British Heart Foundation, I think – asking us to fill it with “clothes and bric a brac” for their charity shop.

given that I had been cruelly encouraged by kalunina to buy a load of new clothes at the weekend, I decided to have a sort out.

four bags of clothes, and a box of shoes (yes! throwing away shoes!) for BHF, and a bag of stuff that really couldn’t be given to anyone. Even Pete shed some of his beloved, but ancient and worn out, shirts, and a couple of suits.

now there’s loads of room on the clothes racks, so I can go and shop some more!

5 thoughts on “life laundering”

  1. cruelly??????? I think not. But I do think that Trinny and Tranny should hire me immediately to work with the drab-clothed minions of the world…

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