7 thoughts on “liquid egg”

  1. My DrGourmet diet from America uses a lot of liquid egg, but it’s a low fat variety with a higher proportion of egg white. I never bothered, I just used, hey, an egg.

  2. The mind boggles.

    Some sort of long-life, storecupboard liquid egg product I could understand, but a litre of liquid egg that will go off in no time flat compared to cracking on yourself?

    1. Very common in the US … particularly for catering … whether it’s scrambled eggs or pancakes or whatever …

      … and yes, there’s a lower impact version called “eggbeaters” that’s the same stuff but with less fat/fewer calories etc.

  3. I used to use those eggs in cartons by the recycle bucket load. If you work nightshift in a factory cafe, and are making scrambled eggs for 300…

    Yeah, it has its uses! This was about 15 years ago, but I had no idea people outside of mass catering used them.

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