lovely weather

there’s a real nip in the air this week – autumn seems to be here. Lovely stuff – my favourite time of year.

update on the weekend later for those who aren’t bored to death with the saga.

and how delightful to see her purple_perilness last night. We fed her a scratch meal of meatballs and spaghetti, followed by choccy moooooooooooooooose (sorry, gmul), and nattered away until the witching hour. Very pleasant evening.

3 thoughts on “lovely weather”

  1. I was suppsed to prod you (after summer camp) to put the mooooooooose recipe on Nibblous. Consider yourself prodded. 🙂

    “you searched for moose

    no items found”

    Isn’t it time someone found one? I would have thought that being so large, it wouldn’t be difficult.


    (Why do I feel a hard stare already?)

  2. This weekend I shall be ordering my coal for the winter, having mostly used the couple of buckets worth I had left over. Just have to decide whether to get 20 bags (nearly enough for a mild winter) or 40…

    Whilst it’s always a shame to miss Moooooose, instead I worked my way through most of a packet of apfelringe – apple rings in dark chocolate. Nearly as yummy as cinnamon buns. 🙂

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