lunch: stir fried swiss chard

lunch (before)

We are overrun with green leafy stuff at the moment – there was a bag of Swiss chard left from last week, and this morning the veg box brought a pointy cabbage, a bag of spinach and some chinese leaves. Something had to be done.

So for lunch, we chopped up some garlic and fresh ginger, a couple of spring onions and the chard.

Put some noodles on to boil with a teaspoon of sesame oil in the water (gives them a nice flavour).

Then into a hot wok with some ground nut oil, went garlic, ginger, chilli flakes, sesame seeds and spring onions. Stirred around for a bit, then added the chard, and fried until it wilted. Lobbed in a goodly splash of tamari.

Put noodles in bowl, spoon green stuff over. Lovely.