8 thoughts on “madness, utter madness”

  1. Oh christ. Even I know that no health professionals want that.

    > The Department for Education and Skills is now consulting

    hopefully they will be told the right thing.

  2. By extension does that mean sex education is going to be banned too, eventually? That’ll, er, help… I presume that God has told George that abortion and contraception are bad and his sidekick Robi^WTony will agree without a moments thought.

    1. Mrs Axon told GMTV on Monday: “I feel that as a mother they have taken away my right to protect my children.
      Although obviously, as good parent, she’ll have explained (or ensured that they otherwise learned) all about sex, loving relationships, contraception, abortion, STIs, the right to say No and all that good stuff so if her offspring do still want to go and have sex they’ll at least be doing it from an informed position. And possibly in an informed position.

      If, as a parent, she hasn’t ensured that her kids have that education then I don’t think she has a right to winge about not being able to “protect my childern” since she would apparently have chosen not to already.

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